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Sling TV is a brand new way to watch American and other International tv channels LIVE online, on your TV, media player or smart phone! Sling TV offers more channels with better picture quality than any other provider today!

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Sling TV offers a large selection of channel packages so you pick the ones that you like to watch! English Premier League (NBCSN/CNBC/NBC), European Championship (FS1/FS2/ESPN2&3), World Cup (FS1/FS2/ESPN2&3), English B Division (ESPN3), french/spanish/italian leagues (BeIN Sports), NBA (ESPN/TNT), various news channels, channels with programs for kids, movies, tv shows, reality shows, documentaries and many more! Unlike Hulu Live TV, Sling TV offers multiple different channel packages which means that you can tailor it to your preferences.
See list of all channels/packages and prices


Sling TV offers 2 base channel packages and over 20 extra packages. The Blue base package goes for $25 and the Orange one for $25. Taken together they cost $40 and count for over 50 channels! You can then add the "4 Extra Deal" package for $10 extra (Kids, Lifestyle, Comedy and News packages) and increase the selection to around 80 channels! You buy the Sling TV gift card codes here and Sling takes care of deducting from your balance every month. You can cancel any time! Sling TV instructions

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